It didn't start out this way. I don't even think it was intentional. But 2016 has become a year of renewal. A new website (I hope you like it), new designs going into production, and a new attitude about sharing my inspirations. It's invigorating. 

Last year was a quiet year professionally. Only one new collection and that wasn't ready until November. I need to be creative. I have always needed the creative. But I don't want to mislead you, it wasn't that last year wasn't a busy one. I was just focused on other priorities. Lisa and Doug

Life takes some interesting twists along the path and some of them just leave you sidetracked. I spent the first half of last year being treated for breast cancer. Wow, it is hard to believe even now. Fortunately, I tolerated treatment extremely well, feeling good the entire time. Some inconveniences are part of the deal. Dealing with wigs and false lashes, spending enough time with physicians and treatments to consider it a part-time job, and having enough blood drawn to fill the blood bank. Life just isn't normal, whatever that is. I am fortunate. I am cancer-free and know, really know, how much friends and family are there for me. Especially the love of my life, husband, and soul mate, Doug.

For me, jewelry has always been a symbol of love. Love of life, love of beauty, and love for all of those around me. Love inspires my designs and I love sharing them with you.




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