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As a rule, I choose to have positive and supportive people in my life. Better yet, I surround myself every day with beautiful jewelry. Something I have cherished about what I do. I have many friends in the jewelry industry who live and work all over the country. I keep up with them through social media.

Future of Design Contest

Ann Arnold, Andrea Hill, Lisa Adkinson, Cindy Edelstein, Hedda Schupak -The Future of Design Contest 2013

This week industry news made me think of two influential women in jewelry. Both have been supportive of many jewelry designers and me. I got to know them a few years ago when, as judges., they selected me as a finalist in a national competition. I rushed to NYC to deliver a “Shark Tank” like the presentation and receive a lot of love from the industry. The two women behind the competition showed up on my Facebook feed this week within hours of each other. 

Cindy EdelsteinFirst was a beautiful tribute to Cindy Edelstein, (left) who passed away earlier this year. Cindy championed many jewelry designers and influenced the industry for the better. As exemplified by this tribute, many in our industry greatly miss her. As do I. I have thought of her often. 

The second, a poignant wake-up call to the jewelry industry in an Instore Magazine article by Andrea Hill titled “Luxury Jewelry Must Carve Out a New More Meaningful Path.”  The article addresses how the significant changes in consumer behavior affect the jewelry industry. Targeted at an industry that is slow to change, Andrea writes "[jewelry] retailers totally focused on selling pearl button earrings, 1.0 tcw white diamond studs, 3-stone rings, and 4Cs-driven engagement rings cannot engage the new consumer.” Andrea sites new consumer attitudes affecting the industry,

“Individuality is in, keeping-up-with-the-Joneses is out.

Environmental stewardship is in, unconscious consumerism is out.

Social awareness is in, ostentatious wealth is out.

Thoughtful acquisition is in, conspicuous consumption is out."

Andrea Hill writes, "There is a jewelry offering that is highly individualistic, often pays greater attention to sustainability, and delivers an experience of art, hand-craft, and the type of preciousness that is handed from generation to generation. It is designer jewelry, art jewelry, jewelry made by master jewelers in their studios. “

Andrea is speaking about my customers. She has described the art I create with them in mind. She references the consumers who are individual in their style. Those who thoughtfully select jewelry that reflects their individuality and appreciation of the art. She speaks of those who desire to support social causes as I do.

Just as I choose to have positive people in my life, my customers seek a positive experience and select jewelry that makes them feel good. They are positive people and want to be part of a positive community. And that makes me feel good.

Thank you, Andrea, for prompting my reflection. I know you miss Cindy too.



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