Update Your Look with Lariat Necklaces [Photos]

Jewelry Style Guide: Part II

If lariats make you think of cowboys, you are not alone. But when it comes to jewelry, a lariat is an incredibly versatile piece that will work with any style. The secret is to be creative with how you wear them.

Peridot and Sterling Silver Lariat Necklace by Lisa Robin

By definition, lariats are a long chain that doesn't have a specific clasp. They typically have some sort of decorative feature that will act as a way to secure it. I have designed a couple of styles; one with an oval eyelet accented with a trillion cut gemstone and one with a square eyelet with a cushion-cut gemstone. In both cases, the other end is an elongated conical shape.

One of the secrets to creating a great look with a lariat is that you can wear it no matter your neckline. You can wear it at choker length (as below), mid decollete', or below your neckline. Open neckline; rounded or v-neck, shirt collar, or turtle neck will be perfect with your lariat. By the way, I am a woman of a certain age that probably shouldn't wear chokers. However, the long dangle lengthens the look. It is a great solution to wearing a trend at any age.

Gold Lariat Necklace by Lisa Robin

If you like, you can loop the chain through the eyelet a couple times to keep it securely in place.

Sterling Silver Peridot Lariat by Lisa Robin

Or just tie it and let the decorative ends dangle.Sterling Silver Lariat by Lisa Robin

Don't hesitate to use your lariat as an anchor with your layering pieces. And while you are at it mix up your gemstone colors and metals. Mixing gold and silver is a current trend, and honestly, incredibly practical. How many times have you hesitated to wear your gold and silver pieces together? That old rule goes in the same category as not wearing white after Labor Day.

Gold Lariat by Lisa Robin Jewelry

For interest, mix your shapes and scale. The smaller trillion cut peridot in gold at the nape of the neck dances above the 3 round lapis lazuli/rainbow moonstone doublets of the Trilogy Necklace in sterling silver. The two cushion cut blue topaz are actually the same size but have a very different scale since on is a single station necklace and the other set in the larger square eyelet. They also have a different tone to the color since one is in sterling silver and the other 14K gold plated. If you would like to learn other necklace layering techniques see 4 How To Guidelines for Layering Necklaces.

Layered Necklaces by Lisa Robin

So now you know some of my secrets of a lariat and how flexible a piece this is to add to your jewelry collection. How would you wear your lariat? Cowboys need not respond.



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