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Most of my exercise this summer has been outside but as the weather turns so does daylight savings time and I am back in the gym. Here's my routine. I would love to hear yours. 

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In the morning I alternate a spin or barre class at Logik in Centerville, OH. I love their approach to the spin class based on your heart rate and thus improving your endurance and strength. I try to catch a Deep Stretch/Yin Yoga class a time or two a week just because it feels spectacular. See my blog Yoga Worthy Jewelry-Practice In Style

I realize at some point that I was changing from my leggings to skinny jeans paired with boots and a sweater and why bother. The look is pretty much the same. So I really began to embrace the "athleisure" trend since I can be casual in the studio. Though I don't typically wear jewelry when I workout, it does become a key element to finish off that "workout to work" look. 


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Many gyms ago Michele and I worked with the same trainer and she really got the fitness bug. I am so inspired by her and will sadly admit have not had near the dedication she has. A few weeks ago she shared she really wants to inspire other women of all ages to get fit and that she was planning a photo shoot for Julie Lohre's Fitbody.

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Trilogy Sterling silver and Lapis Lazuli Cuff  Medium Lisa Robin Sterling Silver Hoops

We added some of her favorite Lisa Robin jewelry to the looks by Athleta. The Trilogy Cuff in Lapis Lazuli is sleek at the wrist and hoops in just the right size on the ears. Michele prefers sterling silver and likes that the hoops have detail for interested but opted not to go with gemstones.

Well, I have to say she is exceptionally fit and the looks are fabulous! I liked her "leather" sided leggings so much I just added a pair to my wardrobe. Perfect with a crisp white shirt and jacket for work.

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Beaded bracelets are another option. I find they are just easy and work nicely with my Apple watch.

Beaded Bracelets | Lisa Robin  Beaded bracelets with apple watch

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Special thanks to Michele for asking me to be involved and to Julie Lohre and Rick Lohre Photography for sharing the photos. 

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