How to Style Lariats [Video]

Lisa Adkinson, from her Lisa Robin Jewelry studio in Centerville, Ohio, shows how to style her original designed lariat and layering necklaces.

When it comes to jewelry, a lariat is an incredibly versatile piece that will work with any style. The secret is to be creative with how you wear them.
Peridot and Sterling Silver Lariat Necklace by Lisa Robin

By definition, lariats are a long chain that doesn't have a specific clasp. They typically have some sort of decorative feature that will act as a way to secure it. I have designed a couple of styles; one with an oval eyelet accented with a trillion cut gemstone and one with a square eyelet with a cushion-cut gemstone. In both cases, the other end is an elongated conical shape.

 Below are two ways to wear a lariat necklace layered with other petite and gemstone necklaces, a Lisa Robin Jewelry custom design. 

Lisa Robin Jewelry layering necklaces Lisa Robin Jewelry layering necklaces





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