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If asked who the biggest supporter of my business would be I would have to answer "Doug, my husband". His support has been unwavering from day one. Even as we watched the financial crisis unfold in 2008 just after I had finished my first designs, he didn't question the decision. But I am grateful for the many opportunities made possible by other women. My college education was made possible by two women at Mt St Joseph University; one in financial aide who strapped together grants and scholarships for me to be there and the second managed the on-campus day care center where my then 2-year-old son stayed while I was in class. We still chuckle about Jamie telling everyone "I go to college too".
More recently, Sonia Jackson Myles, the Founder of The Sister Accord, has been an incredible partner. We have truly created opportunities together as The Sister Accord has gained more and more momentum. I have always loved that my jewelry brings joy to the wearer, but The Sister Accord has elicited sentiment beyond my expectations. I love when women share the story with me. Thank you Karen Winchester-Murphy for taking a moment to send a note with your story.

I've supported the Sister Accord movement from day one and wanted to show my continuous support by purchasing a bracelet. I thought about "LOVE" and how it starts with loving myself to love my sisters, so of course, I ordered the "LOVE" bracelet for myself. I wanted to purchase one as a gift for my friend, Lynnette Scott and I thought I'd get two "LOVE" bracelets.
The decision was quick, and I had not put much thought into the other charms. But fate steered me another way when only one "LOVE" bracelet was available for purchase at the time. 
As I considered the various charms, I realized my decision was becoming a little more personal. You see the gift was for my "friend," a sister that gives of herself daily, unselfishly to her family & friends. Although she gives "tough love," her heart is sincere in all that she is and does. It was only fitting for me to give her the "SELFLESSNESS" bracelet! 
When I presented it to her, she smiled, and after thanking me, she added, "I'm going to order us a couple more, me the "LOVE and you the "SELFLESSNESS" bracelet!"

Karen Winchester-Murphy

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