Do You Have These Classic Accessories in Your Closet? [Photos]

Classic Style Part 2: Accessories

So I decided I need a list of classics to keep in my wardrobe. I think the old adage was to buy quality classics and keep them forever. But now I think the classics can be updated to reflect trends and don't need to break the bank. They are really just the core pieces of nice quality every gal needs. See What is Classic Style Anyway? for my list of must have jewelry, Classic Style Jewelry Step by Step [Infographic] and Do You Have These Classic Accessories In Your Closet? for accessories. 

Wayfarers Sunglasses 

Unconventional Woman BlogDesigned in 1952 by American optical designer Raymond Stegeman, who worked for Bausch and Lomb, Ray-Ban's parent company at that time. Wayfarers, according to Wikipedia, the design was inspired by, "a mid-century classic to rival Eames chairs and Cadillac tail fins." Can you get any more classic than that? See my blog post Recline about my classic Eames Chair.

I added this Tom Ford pair to my wardrobe this past Spring. I like the updated softer peach and gray color on this classic.

Tom Ford Sunglasses | Unconventional Woman Blog


Weekender Bag

I will share a little Victoria's Secret secret. Occasionally they offer a free tote with purchase. This snappy rose gold accented canvas has become my Weekender this season. Light weight, roomy enough, and doubles as a computer bag when not in service. And accents the raw diamond rose gold ring I have been wearing of late!

Victoria Secret Weekender | Unconventional Woman

Clutch Evening Bag

It needs to be large enough for the essentials...think iPhone 7 Plus, but small enough to be on the table and still have room for your water glass. I have a true classic clutch. In fact, it is probably bordering on being considered vintage. Purchased 15 years ago my black suede silver framed clutch has gotten me through any event. And the silver frame ties together nicely with silver jewelry. 

Black Suede Clutch | Unconventional Woman

Structured Tote

Move over Louis. I love my MCM reversible shopper. It pairs with a zippered pouch with a shoulder strap and thanks to Etsy I added a long strap to make it my favorite cross body. And did I mention reversible.....?

MCM Shopper | Unconventional WomanMCM | Unconventional WomanUnconventional Woman | Classic Style


Cashmere Wrap

Scarves should be a staple in every wardrobe. I must have dozens in every color and fabric imaginable. But a cashmere wrap is something completely unto itself. Great for airplane travel, a chilly movie theater, and those Fall evenings with a crisp air. 

Unconventional Woman | Cashmere Wrap


Two years ago I would have listed a Tag or Cartier, but today I am not about to give up my Apple Watch. It is just too practical.

Unconventional Woman | Apple Watch

Perfectly Sized Wallet

This one is a personal choice. I snagged mine from a sale bin at Cole Haan.

Unconventional Woman | WalletUnconventional Woman | Classic Wallet

Classic Must Have Shoes

Black booties, comfortable flats, heeled sandals, walkable pumps, and a slip on sneaker. Done. 

Classic Must Have Shoes
Did I forget a classic you love? Leave a comment!

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