Peridot or Spinel for August Birthdays?

I often hear "I hate my birthstone. I was born in August and it is peridot!". Not that I don't hear that from women born in other months, but peridot is one you either love or hate. Good thing the alternate birthstone for August is spinel. 

Peridot August Birthstone cuff

I happen to love peridot. The vivid lime green is something I wear as to offset blue and purple gemstones which are my favorites. Peridot is one of the few gemstones that exists in only one color. The tint of green is determined by the iron in the crystal structure.

Considered a gift from Mother Nature, in ancient times it was believed that Peridot was to celebrate the annual creation of a new world. Peridot is said to possess healing properties that protect against nightmares and evil. So August babies, whether you like peridot or not you are in for a life of peace and happiness.

Peridot and sterling silver earrings

peridot and sterling silver lariat

Peridot Necklace with amethyst

For those August birthdays, if you want a multitude of choices, spinel is found in a variety of colors. You will find spinel in black, violet blue, greenish blue, grayish, pale pink, mauve, yellow or brown, vivid red, cobalt blue, bright pink and bright orange. August birthstone conundrum solved!

Black Spinel Pendant


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