What Pam and Jill Say [Video]

" I love jewelry. I love one-of-a-kind jewelry, I love classic pieces I can wear all the time and I love my wedding ring. All of these I purchased (or more accurately, my husband has gifted to me) from Lisa Robin Jewelry! Even though I'm one of their original customers, I'm always finding something I just have to have at the next anniversary/birthday/gift-giving occasion! I've purchased necklaces, pendants and a slew of earrings from Lisa Robin Jewelry, but my very favorite piece is my wedding ring. My husband and Lisa worked together to create a beautiful, classic piece that is timeless and yet still looks modern. Not just for my wedding ring, but for all the purchases we've made, they go the extra mile to give you a personal and complete jewelry-buying experience. No detail is overlooked in their customer service, delivery and purchase of their products. I've got an anniversary coming up later this month - I can't wait to see what piece I get! (hint, hint Hubby!)"
-- Jill F.

 And Pam can tell you more about her experience.


Lisa Robin Jewelry Black Onyx Cuff Lisa Robin Jewelry Black Onyx Cuff

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