A Charming Ride

In November 2014 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I had no idea how much my life would change. It has been a ride. In 2014 I had never heard of Pelotonia. I had no idea how big it is, how much impact it has, or that I could consider riding a bicycle so many miles.

Along the way, I have posted many blogs on my experience. This is a listing of those blogs in reverse chronological order. The journey has been an interesting convergence of cancer survivor, Pelotonia rider, and jewelry designer. I am honored to have used my talents and experiences to design a commemorative Pelotonia charm.

It is difficult to pinpoint any specific inspirations for the charm's design or what it means to me. It is a reflection of my collective experience. Though the blogs were written as stand-alone posts, in reviewing them I realize there is a bigger story woven through them, one of hope, survival, and sadness  I share them here for you to experience the journey too.

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