7 Actions to Feel Fabulous in Your Jewelry [Photos]

Oh, to be able to simplify your wardrobe, including all of your accessories and jewelry and still have that confident, polished, finished look every time you walk out the door. Imagine the time you will be able to spend doing, thinking, creating, loving, laughing and LIVING! 


Make a strategic shift of how you assemble your wardrobe by subscribing to a Capsule Collection concept and you can achieve this freedom. A Capsule Collection is defined as a collection of essential items of clothing and jewelry that will never go out of fashion and could be worn multiple seasons.  The aim is to update this collection with seasonal clothing pieces and coordinating jewelry to provide something to wear at any occasion without buying multiple wardrobe items.  For more on the Capsule Collection concept read my guest blog post Be Mindful of Your Jewelry In 5 Steps [Questionare].

 So how do you begin? 

  1. Start by going through ALL your current jewelry, YES – all of it. 
  2. Only keep what you LOVE, are versatile and wear often. Ask yourself if you feel good wearing it and if it is comfortable to wear.
  3. Define your style. Are you a creative, dramatic, romantic, or classic girl? 
  4. What is your lifestyle? Do you have an active social life?  Do you more often lounge and relax or go out on the town?  Do you spend your days running errands or in an office?  Do you travel a lot?
  5. Next, get inspired! Make a photo board on Pinterest or from magazine clippings of your favorite things.  This can help you identify your own personal style as well. 
  6. When picking your pieces think about dual-purpose items and layering ability. This gives you infinite possibilities to mix and match your pieces. Layering several necklaces, bracelets or rings changes the look of any outfit.  The “fun” aspect of jewelry becomes mixing things up, not just acquiring more. Read 4 How to Guidelines for Layering Necklaces for ideas.

Flexible jewelry by Lisa Robin

7. Ask an expert! Lisa Adkinson, designer, and owner of Lisa Robin Jewelry has an amazing collection of pieces that can be worn multiple ways and layered for different looks. Contact Lisa for a free Style Consultation in her studio. Bring all of your jewelry and Lisa will help you work through it to define your style.

You can receive the Lisa Robin Jewelry Style Guide for FREE. It is full of ideas on how to wear jewelry in multiple ways. This Style Guide aligns beautifully with the Capsule Jewelry concepts. The style guide is divided up into Capsule Collections that will mix and match to give you flexibility. 

 With good basics you will have endless options.  Now – go out there and SPARKLE! 

 Tami Doling

Tami Doling

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