4 Jewelry Design Trends You Should Know About Now

Being in this business I keep an eye on trends. We all know trends come and go. I find the cycles fascinating. How many times have you said, "I remember when that was......". All trends follow themes and right now these themes are hot. 


Lariat necklace by Lisa Robin Adkinson

Seemingly rooted in our digital identities, decidedly angular and interconnected forms in jewelry are showing up in our newsfeed. As a reflection of all of our high tech gadgets, watch for forms such as hexagons, rhombuses, triangles, trapezoids, octagons, and squares. 

geometric jewelry


A constant barrage of news, information, and imagery has generated a desire for a minimalistic lifestyle and minimal jewelry pieces. The forms are basic, without complexity, and easy to look at which comes a relief to the feeling of overload. 

geometric stud earrings


As consumers, we have developed concern for value, sustainability, and ethical practices in all aspects of our consumption. Collectively, we are selecting meaningful unique ideas and products instead of mass produced, commodity items.You Made My Day Bracelets

Having a unique story, or personal brand in social media overload has become desirable as has to wear your story and message on yourself, literally. Charms and personal talisman have become part of everyone's personal brand.

Jewelry has the capacity to generate its own story, romance, and symbolism when people attach their personal meaning to pieces they love. 


lisa robin jewelry

Pieces with open spaces have become popular as we are exposed to a variety of viewpoints from around the world. Open-minded individuals are attracted to shapes that leave room for creative interpretation. 

Cuff and Necklace Lisa Robin Jewelry

 Overall, the theme here is simplistic individuality. You ca see how the trends in this theme overlap. In the midst of lives that are busy, fast paced, and sometimes overwhelming, our jewelry should be easy and meaningful. One less item to stress about. How would you wear these trends?

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