noun |  com·mence·ment | \kə-ˈmens-mənt\  
 1. the time when something begins
 2. a ceremony during which degrees or diplomas are given to students who have graduated from a school or college

It is that exciting time of year again, graduation time. Like most we have received invitations to several celebrations for children of friends and family. In fact, we spent yesterday at Miami University as our niece Morgan made the trip to the stage to receive her college degree. We are very proud of her.

We have watched our friends experience an awful lot of angst over children choosing a major. It made me wonder. Exactly how many of those fine young graduates ever actually work in their major? So I Googled it.

According to a Washington Post article it appears somewhere around 27% of college grads have a job related to their major. Sounds grim, huh? Maybe not. It could just mean many jobs just don't require a specific field of study. So getting a job that is unrelated to your major isn't uncommon or a sign the end of the world is near. Good news for parents and new grads. Just get out there and find your way. Sometimes the most rewarding work finds you.

I never dreamt I would design jewelry, but here I am. And I have loved every minute. But I have loved all of my jobs. 

Congratulations to all of the graduates! Now is the time when something begins. Go live your dream.

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