While sipping my latte this morning, I opened the nicest note from Jessica. She and I have a special bond even though we have never met. Jessica is part of that extended new millennium type of family we have. A few months ago, my step-son, Adam shared with me the news about his cousin on his mother's side of the family, Jessica. She is young, pretty, mother to four young children, and in treatment for breast cancer. As the diagnosis and treatment plan unfolded I kept myself updated on her status with great empathy. I went through it all just a year ago. 

For several months they have been sitting on a shelf in my bedroom, those kinda creepy styrofoam heads with the wigs on them. For the better part of six months they had been a daily part of my life. That behind me now, they just were there on the shelf. I hadn't dealt with them but it was time. I decided to pay it forward.

Through the extended family I got the wigs to Jessica just at the point she needed them. It was cathartic for me to send them off. 

Her thank you note to me said she can't wait to pay it forward too. And she will. It made my day.

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  • Dani

    Beautiful Lisa, every aspect of this. What a way to pay it forward!

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