3 Ways to Work THIS Hot Spring Color

Chalcedony Statement Jewelry | Lisa Robin jewelry

Periwinkle may well be my favorite color. You know, that bluish purplish color that is vivid but pastel at the same time? Maybe it was the periwinkle Mercedes convertible I drove forever. I always said it is the perfect color to go with blonde. 

Pantone has identified it as one of the colors for Spring 2016. They are calling it Serenity.

1. Pair it with Rose Gold

Natural Chalcedony Rose Gold Portale NecklacePeriwinkle is easily the essential pastel of the season, It is easy to wear and looks great on any skin tone. Even my favorite Target v-neck t-shirt was offered in periwinkle this Spring. This Rose Gold Natural Chalcedony Statement Necklace steps up the T without making it too dressy.

2. Make it a Statement Ring  

  Statement Ring | Lisa Robin jewelry

I have used natural chalcedony in several collections. Okay, maybe periwinkle is my favorite color. I made some one of a kind handmade rings that are really unique. The Chalcedony with blue sapphire Swirl is a definite statement ring.

3. Mix it with other blues

These are two shades of chalcedony that work together well. On crisp white linen.


Or a really crisp white cotton shirt for summer? This is a color you can make work this summer.

See all of the colors of chalcedony in my various collections here.


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