She encouraged my creativity and she marveled at every little accomplishment. Dorothy, my grandmother, loved us all unconditionally. I think of her often. Just recently when I heard about another Dorothy.

This Dorothy, at her surprise 88th birthday celebration in Teaneck, NJ, received from her three handsome great-grandsons a reminder. A reminder of love, patience, and gentleness.

Charm Bracelet Gifts

Rayce, Grayson, and Kellen each chose a pearl charm bracelets with charms representing love, patience, and gentleness because to them she exemplifies those principles. As they gifted one to her they shared why. What a beautiful birthday gift from the heart. And Grandma Dorothy just glowed. My Dorothy would have too. 

These love message charms are inspired by the principles of The Sister Accord and a portion of each sale goes to support the work the foundation does to eradicate bullying and violence against women and girls.

Message Charm Pearl Bracelets in LovePatience, and Gentleness

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  • Dwylett Chambers Montgomery

    I am the only girl in a testosterone laden home of 5. All of my guys are alpha males. Fortunately, my family raised a strong woman who is unafraid to speak up…ALWAYS!
    Most days I am busy “over explaining” why gender equality is vital, and intentionally use ‪#‎KidsRealityBooks‬ as a platform to model the beautiful results that girls and boys achieve when they partner as equals.
    John (hubby) and I also emphasize the importance of honoring our elders. So, we purchased the ‪#‎SoniaJacksonMyles‬ and ‪#‎LisaRobinJewelry‬ ‪#‎SisterAccord‬ jewelry collection to honor Great-Grandma Dorothy Frazier at her surprise 88th birthday party.
    Lisa Robin met us at her showroom in Dayton, OH. We chose 3 bracelets (one for each of our sons to present to a stunned Grandma Dorothy in New Jersey).

  • Sonia Jackson Myles

    Girrrrlllll!! Dwylett Chambers Montgomery, this right here had me in tears this morning! Wow! So beautiful! Lisa Adkinson, our partnership is truly one that is “1+1=1,000!!”

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