Why This Color Works on Everyone and How You Should Wear It

A while ago I had a male co-worker say to me with a tone of authority in his voice "I hear blue is the new black." He then asked a bit sheepishly "What does that mean?". Argh...men.
I don't consider myself 'fashion-forward", I am more classic, but I like to be current and aware of the trends, especially when it comes to jewelry trends. Each year Pantonethe world-renowned authority on color and provider of color systems, publishes "Colors of the Year". You may not even realize it, but these colors will be all over home interiors, fashion, advertising, and where ever else color is important. And blue is the new black.
Pantones 2020 Spring Colors
The three shades of Pantones 2020 colors of blue look great on just about everyone. 
I keep my clothes simple and classic but stay on trend with accessories and statement jewelry. Gemstone jewelry with a gorgeous shade of blue will make an impression without overpowering. I will be wearing them with my blacks, grays, and whites this Spring.
Blue Jewelry Trend


If your clothing is predominately blue, you might consider using some of the other colors of the year in your jewelry. How about adding emerald jewelry?

Emerald Pendant on Emerald beaded Chain

Or add amethyst jewelry?

Amethyst necklace and stud earrings

Be bold and creative with these color combinations in your jewelry colors for 2020. 





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