Recline: How One Recliner Changes Our Lives

Updated 8.1.2017

It started the whole thing. He fell in love with it. It was time for my best friend's mom to transition to assisted living and she had a household of goods with which to be dealt. Along the way, he just thought it was really cool. When it came time for it to find a permanent home, it was ours. Immediately everything was out of balance. The couch, the coffee table, the rug, all had to go. And one by one they did.

Eames Chair

The project of redoing our home began. So the thing about a really cool vintage Eames chair is it needs to be surrounded by other really cool mid-century modern pieces. Or at least they need to have that vibe. So our search began.

He and I are civilized pickers. By that I mean we are not out climbing through barns and old school buses like our friend John Sanderman, but we walk the aisles of antique malls in the area. This habit started the winter I was receiving chemo therapy. I felt great and needed exercise but had to be careful about exposure to illness. The germ fest at the gym seemed risky. But the antique malls? Indoors, typically not over crowded with people, you can log 8000 steps, and be visually stimulated. 

Antiques Village Dayton Ohio | Unconventional Woman

John Sanderman's booth at Antique's Village, Centerville, Ohio

Wooden Grist Mill Flat Belt Pulley Wheel, perfect. A piece of glass cut with edges sanded for a top and it is the perfect table next to the Eames. He loved it, I loved it. Done.

DIY Table | Unconventional Woman

So the chair started it. He fell in love with it. But I am always in for a design project, especially now that I am designing jewelry, not interiors. And so our passion for Mid Century Modern and DIY projects began. Full disclosure though, I can't blame him. I have been in love this chair since interior design school.



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