Re-purpose: Barrel Carts Aren't For Barrels Anymore

Updated 8.2.2017

I remember when the items in antique malls were before my time. Now it's more like a childhood time capsule. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Doug wheeling a barrel cart through the aisle asking "Couldn't we do something cool with this?". 

Barrel cart

 I asked him to lay it down and got one of those looks only a husband can get away with as he asked "What?". I showed him what I meant and we cleared enough space in the antique shop to lay it down flat and in unison, we said "coffee table".

I don't remember exactly because we did a combo deal, but for something like $35 we wheeled our cart out to the parking lot.

One issue, putting the glass on the "arms" made the table too low. So with a little ingenuity, we had our handy metal guy in Miamisburg make two supports to hold the glass level at a reasonable height and voila! Ready for glass.  

We had a piece of 3/8" green glass cut to size and had the edges smoothed and the corners rounded with 1/2" radius.

Repurposed Barrel Cart Coffee Table | Unconventional Woman

If you read my post on how our Eames chair, Recline: How One Recliner Changed Our Lives, I should acknowledge this coffee table was created while we were in our industrial phase. We really thought we were into the industrial thing. We collected a few rustic industrial pieces and then realized we were really Mid-Century Modern people. The two can co-exist but are different. I like eclectic home interiors with a nod to the classics, putting the Mid-Century Modern into our 1929 Spanish Revival style home with its dark wood floor and beams seemed right.

Next time you are in the Oregon District for dinner you might want to stop at the little gem Jimmy's Modern. A shop dedicated to the beauty of design that is true Mid-Century. When you other Mid-Century Modern folks stop in visit a bit with Jimmy and tell him we sent you. 

Barrel Cart Coffee table | Artisan jewelry

 So will we replace the re-purposed barrel cart coffee table? Maybe. If we do it will be because the perfect table found us.


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